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Mixed Modality Guided Workshops

Lisa Thorpe    We all learn, absorb, grow and transform in different ways. Most learning, however, is presented in primarily in one modality‚Äďauditory. We all listen to lectures, presentations and sermons, and if we are lucky there might be a slide show thrown in to give us some visual input. But I believe that when we open up different modalities we can absorb and engage and observe the spirit in fresh new ways. Through art-making, guided meditation, movement and chant, unseen pathways are revealed.
    I'm here to open the gate to those pathways. I am an artist, teacher and spiritual explorer, and for more than a decade I've been leading workshops at The Bishop's Ranch, an episcopal retreat center in Sonoma County, California. My workshops present a theme through as many modalities as we can reach: through looking and listening, of course, but also via the much-ignored realms of making and moving.
    I have designed creative retreats for all shapes and sizes, working with adults, children or youth separately, as well as putting all age groups together for intergenerational workshops. I've created retreats for parish weekends, women's groups, friend circles, board and vestry groups and school faculties, and I'd like to work with you to create a mixed modality retreat that suits and enriches your particular group.
    On this page is a menu of sorts. On each link you'll find tested, tried and true explorations of themes that I have developed and shared with folks over the years. Different components within each theme or across themes can be mixed and matched and customized to fulfill the needs of your gathering. There are absolutely no rules as to how to combine these elements, so be creative and adventurous in envisioning your retreat, and so will I!

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Altars, Shrines and Icons

Mixed Modality Mindfulness

Prayer, Poem and Personal Journey

Reflecting on Light

Centering Circle

Art for Art's Sake

Mixed Modality Guided Workshops

    I want to work with you to design a meaningful retreat that melds your needs and my gifts. My retreats can be folded into your group's stay at The Bishop's Ranch, St. Dorothy's Rest, and other North Bay gathering places, or I can travel to you to be your creative guide.*

The following is an outline of my retreat fees

Group Instructional Rates
Half day 3 hour-workshop fee per group $450
Full day 6 hour-workshop fee per group $700
Two day retreat fee per group $1200

Materials & Prep Fees
An additional materials and prep fee will be added, ranging from
$5-40/per person, depending on the activities chosen and the length of the retreat.

*These are my fees if your retreat is held at a Sonoma County venue. Travel expenses and overnight accommodations will be negotiated on an individual basis depending on the location of your retreat.

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