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Art and Modern Quilting

In the quilt world there are all kinds of quilters from traditional, to modern to art quilters and those like me who like to blur the lines a bit (I never like a box). I definitely don’t fit in the traditional quilter box but there is much to learn and admire from them. I more typically call my self an art quilter because I like to work with my own painted and printed fabrics. But when I take my creations from being purely art wall hangings into the functional world then I am leaning into the modern quilt realm.

Ok enough of definition of terms all the following quilts both art and functional use fabric that I printed using a monoprint technique of acrylic paint on a gelatin plate. Stencils, masks and stamps provide pattern texture and focal points. The small art quilts are printed on a variety of fabric to give variety of textures and transparencies, composed and free motion quilted. The modern functional quilts are also monoprints with acrylic paint and are printed on muslin before cutting and pieces, quilting and binding ready to use.

I love to teach these techniques check out my workshop page to see when or contact me to design a workshop for you or your quilt guild!

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